Quarantine Service

     Dietrich and Elizabeth Felgendreher have provided CEM Quarantine services at their Holly Oak Farm since 1980.  Mr. Felgendreher, who is recognized nationally as an expert in stallion preparation and handling for breed competitions and approvals, is particularly well experienced to safely manage stallions of all ages through the quarantine breeding process.  The veterinary services for mares and stallions in quarantine are provided by Dr. Michele L. Frazer, DVM, Dipl. ACVIM of Hagyard Equine Medical Institute in Lexington, KY.

     During the quarantine period, horses are stabled in 12'x14' stalls and are provided daily exercise either in paddocks, the indoor hall, or the lunging pen.  Special arrangements may be made for training/conditioning by the Felgendrehers and staff when owners wish to keep their horses in full work during the quarantine stay.  Likewise, owners are permitted to send their own riders if they so desire.
      Normal quarantine duration for mares is 16-18 days and for stallions is 32-40 days.  Every effort is made to accomplish a timely quarantine release.  Quarantine prices are competitive and multiple horse discounts are given. 
      Throughout the many years of operation, Holly Oak Farm has provided these quarantine services for numerous internationally recognized horses from the disciplines of jumping, dressage, driving, and polo.

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