Dietrich Felgendreher

     Born in Berlin, Dieter's family moved to the Hamburg area of West Germany during his youth, where he developed a love of all things "horse".  After completing agricultural studies and related apprenticeships, Dieter secured a position as a student under the renown German dressage trainer Willi Schultheis in the Bereiter program, where he assisted in the training and management of top German and Canadian team horses.
      In 1974, through contacts provided by Mr. Schultheis, Dieter accepted a dressage trainer position in Mr. Tempel Smith's stable near Chicago, Illinois.  It was here, at Tempel Farms, that Dieter learned his first real English and his first Grand Prix on the long-rein with the Tempel Lippizans.  Not long thereafter, he found himself performing on the White House lawn for the President.  This was America.
      Married and moving to Kentucky in 1977 to join his wife, Elizabeth, at Holly Oak Farm, Dieter began his competitive dressage career in the US and initiated the first steps towards developing a warmblood breeding focus at Holly Oak Farm.  With the Holsteiner Stallion Rico 19, the Oldenburg stallion Fuerst, the Trakehner stallion Horatio, and the Danish thoroughbred stallion Palando, joined by sport oriented TB mares as well as imported Hanoverian and Westfalen mares, Dietrich Felgendreher truly became a "man of all breeds" in the sport horse industry.
      Through his involvement with the Holly Oak stallions and the resulting offspring, Dieter became an active handler at major breed competitions with his own horses and those of clients.  His knowledge and skill in this area generated much recognition and his handling services were in high demand.  At Dressage at Devon, where he presented multiple Grand Champions over the years, his clients included Belinda Nairn (INSPO), the Goodmans (Wonderland Farm), the Gribbons (Knoll Farm), Nancy Gooding (Plum Creek Hollow Farm), and the Priests (Woodspring Farm).
      Developing from this area of interest, Dieter became a USEF licensed "R" Dressage Sport Horse Breeding judge and continues to find himself in the Dixon Oval in Devon with the breed show competitors running for his approval these days.  He has served on the board of directors and approval committee for the American Holsteiner Horse Association and currently is an Executive Board officer and Approval Committee member for the ISR/Oldenburg NA registry.  He has served as Training Director for the 100 Day Stallion Testing and continues to serve as a judge for this event on each occasion.
      Dietrich holds a US Dressage Federation Gold Medal rider award. Throughout his many years of competing, he has achieved wins and high placings with horses of all levels, including his favorites Via Mala, Fuerst, and First Class.
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