Robert Mills

     Born in 1972, Rob is a native of Kittanning, PA, but has lived in the Bluegrass region since attending the University of Kentucky.  Rob graduated from UK in 1997 with a degree in Dramatic Languages and History.
      Rob began working at Holly Oak Farm in 1991 during his college years and became a full time employee in 1995.  He currently manages both training and quarantine stables and is particularly involved with the veterinary work and scheduling.  He is also mighty handy with the never ending need for carpentry work.
     In addition to his stable management duties, Rob is responsible for organizing and overseeing seasonal farm labor.  Alfalfa, timothy, and bluegrass hay are grown for the horses and cattle here on the 200 acre farm and Rob is an active participant, helping to facilitate this effort.  Although Rob has good horse show experience and skills, he rarely is able to travel with the horses for competition, as he is most valuable "on farm".
     Before working full time at Holly Oak Farm, Rob was employed by Barlham Farm in Cleveland, Ohio during his highschool years, where he first became intersted in warmblood breeding stock and dressage competition.  During his college years, Rob also worked for Three Chimneys Farm in Midway, KY,  assisiting with broodmare care and participating at the prestigeous Lexington thoroughbred sales.  His initial familiarity and love of horses was nurtured by his mother, who actively competed in endurance riding.
      Rob's hobbies include fly fishing (he's a great guide and fly rod maker), woodworking, and hunting with his Dad.  Rob and his wife, Connie, have one young son, Alexander James.

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